Why is this hidden from the public: 10 Biggest causes of cancer that we use everyday!

Why is this hidden from the public: 10 Biggest causes of cancer that we use everyday!

There are ten causes of cancer which are rarely spoken in public so the pharmaceutical companies can profit from this deadly disease. Here an interesting list of the 10 biggest causes of cancer that are hidden from the public!



Meat and milk hormones

Most of the animals grown on farms are fed with artificial hormones in order to produce more meat and milk. However, these hormones can cause inflammation in the body, as well as depression and even cancer!

Mammography, dental X-rays, airport scanners

The deadly rays from scanners can cause cancer even though doctors and technicians claim that they’re safe.

Aluminum in deodorants

Breast cancer occurs in the upper quadrant of the underarm area where everyone applies aluminum-rich deodorants. This is a deadly habit which should be avoided!

Toxic cosmetics

The skin, which is our largest organ, is often treated with cosmetics that are rich in petroleum and coal tar. These toxic substances enter our skin and the bloodstream, intoxicating our blood and causing cancer. In order to prevent the disease from occurring, you need to start using organic or homemade cosmetics.

GMO soybeans and corn

Most of the soy and corn in the USA is genetically modified – for example, soy milk contains hemagglutinin, a compound which converts red blood cells into blood clots. Soy can also increase your estrogen levels which is why you should stop consuming it.

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners often contain aspartame, which is essential feces from E. Coli, a dangerous bacteria which resides in the colon. This dangerous ingredient is found in chewing gum, medications and most foods and should be avoided at all times. You can try using stevia, maple syrup, honey or organic sugar as replacements.

Fluoridated water

Fluor poisons the water and washes away all the minerals from our body, weakening our immune system at the same time.

Drugs and vaccines

Find a good doctor who will give you advices on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Avoid using drugs by big pharmaceutical companies whose only goal is to profit from diseases.

Artificial food coloring and preservatives

Any artificial food coloring is produced in a lab, and preservatives often found in food can suffocate your cells and turn them into cancer cells. You should always buy organic fruit and vegetables which are healthier and colorful.

Commercial soaps, pastes, creams and shampoos

These products are doing the opposite of what they claim and contain artificial perfumes, dyes, animal byproducts and other dangerous ingredients. Make soaps, shampoos or creams yourself or but organic cosmetics which will improve the quality of your skin and hair, not diminish it.


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