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Forever Fiber

Forever Fiber 

Forever Fiber provides you with 5gr. of easily digestible fibers in a practical stick package and helps you make sure you eat healthier. Experts recommend a daily dose of 30gr. of fiber for optimal health and good digestion.  But most people only ingest half that amount.


Our fast-paced way of life usually doesn’t allow for much versatility and healthy meals but we need to stay focused. And make sure that we get the necessary amount of fiber our body needs to function properly. Forever Fiber is a proprietary mix of 4 different types of fiber and offers you a convenient way to introduce fibers to your everyday nutrition.

You can sprinkle it on top of your meal, mix it in with your Aloe Vera Gel drink or any other beverage of your choice.

Fiber is usually linked with digestive functions, which is true, but it doesn’t just support our digestive system. Fiber is important for our overall health and benefits every organ in our body.

Consuming Forever Fiber in between meals helps you feel satiated which in turn helps you control cravings, appetite and your calorie intake. This is especially important for people on weight loss programs when combined with proper diet and regular exercise.

It also helps maintain steady blood sugar levels and slows down the macronutrients absorption. Fibers can also help prevent feeling sluggish and low on energy after a meal, which is quite common.

It has been shown that fiber also supports the cardiovascular function and can help you improve your immune system function. As scientists now agree that 70-80% of our immune function is linked to our digestive system.

An adequate intake of soluble fiber helps with toxic waste elimination as well as with occasional constipation.

Forever Fiber makes adding fiber to our diet easy by providing you with 5gr. of soluble fiber per stick. It contains the same amount of fiber as 300gr. of brown rice or 2 slices of whole-grain toast, minus the carbs and calories. This is an excellent way to increase your daily intake of fiber and promote your overall health.

One package of Forever Fiber contains 30 sticks (6.1gr. each).

The recommended daily intake is one stick. Dissolve the mixture in a cup of water. You can take it with food but take it at least 30 minutes apart from any other food supplement as the fibers may interfere with their absorption rate.


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