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Forever Argi+ – L-Arginine and complex vitamins

Forever Argi+ – L- Arginine and complex vitamins

Forever Argi+ provides you with 5gr. of L-arginine per dose, plus a plethora of vitamins which give your body all the energy you need throughout the day.


What is L-arginine ?  

L-arginine is a potent amino-acid dubbed ‘the miracle molecule’ by scientists and for all the right reasons. L-arginine is converted into nitric oxide inside our body, a molecule that stimulates blood circulation, dilates our blood vessels and thus, enhances blood flow.

Why is this so important? Well, because it helps every organ in our body function properly and promotes our overall health.

Forever Argi+ benefits: 

  • It regulates our blood pressure
  • It promotes our cardiovascular health
  • It improves our immunity and muscle mass
  • It ensures proper growth and tissue and bone repair
  • It improves and supports male sexual function
  • It stimulates fat and glucose metabolism
  • It stimulates anti-aging hormone production

Having all these health benefits in mind, it’s no wonder that L-arginine is creating so much excitement among its users who are all but stunned with its effects.

What does the + stand for? 

  • Pomegranate – known for its potent antioxidant effects
  • Red wine extract ­– maintains healthy cholesterol levels
  • Grape skin and raspberry extract – promotes better immune function

All these ingredients combined together create a whole new generation of supplements. Just one dose of ARGI+ alongside your favorite Aloe Vera beverage, cup of tea or water promotes your overall health and stimulates every function in your body.

Science facts: 

In 1998 Robert Furchgott, Ferid Murad and Louis Ignarro won the Nobel Prize for their discovery – that nitric oxide regulates the blood flow in our cardiovascular system.

The road to the Nobel Prize 

1977 – Ferid Murad demonstrates how nitric oxide relaxes smooth muscles

1979 – Louis Ignarro proves that nitric oxide relaxes the cardiovascular system. 1980 Robert Furchgott reveals that the endothelium cells which form the blood flow, release the signaling factor which relaxes the muscle cells. Furchgott named that signaling factor EDRF.

1987 – Salvador Moncada and Louis Ingarro proved that the EDRF is actually nitric oxide. That same year Salvador Moncada clearly proves that nitric oxide is made of endothelial cells.

1988 – Salvador Moncada proves that blood cells create nitric oxide from L-arginine.


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