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Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant

Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant

Aloe Ever Shield Deodorant Stick provides an efficient 24h protection against unpleasant underarm odor. And can be applied right after showering or waxing without worrying about skin irritation or stinging.


When the temperature rises and the pressure is on, preserving that feeling of freshness from the start of the day can be a real confidence-booster.

Forever Living has created a product that’s easy to apply, doesn’t leave any stains on your clothes and increases Aloe Vera’s deodorizing effect, eliminating all health-detrimental ingredients.

With the addition of stabilized Aloe Vera gel, this light ingredient mixture doesn’t contain any harmful aluminum salts which prevent perspiration.

Ingredients in the Aloe Ever-Shield deodorant stick: 

  • propylene – glycol
  • purified water
  • sodium stearate
  • stabilized Aloe Vera gel
  • scent
  • triclosan.

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